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Rules and Regulations
  • Management reserves the right to decide the conditions with which will admit or retain pupils in the school.

  • A new pupil coming from a recognized school cannot be admitted unless the school transfer certificate is produced.

  • The working hours of the school are 08:15 am to 13:40pm office time 08:00 am to 13:45 pm. Students who come to school in their own schould reach the school at least 5 minutes before the morning assembly.

  • Students who are late & improperly dressed will be sent back to home.

  • Students are advised not to bring any costly articles to the school. The school shall not be responsible for such losses.

  • Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones.

  • Parentys are guardians are not permitted to visit the class rooms or visit to their wards or take away their wards during the school hours without the written permission of the authority.

  • No leave of absence will be grantedd except on a written application from the parents or guardians. If the pupil is absent due to illness, the principal must informed of it. If the absence is likely to more than one day, at least on the second day, a leave application should be sent to the principal. No leave is granted during the examination days except in the case of serious sickness. A leave application accompanied with a medical certificate is to be submitted to the principal.

  • It is an army based school. Hence strict discipline and order is demanded from the students in the school. Shouting, band whistling are not allowed in the corridors and around the class rooms and in the school premise. 

  • It is an english medium school, english must be spoken at all the times in the school primises.

  • Irregular attendance, frequent late coming habitual idleness, disobedience and contempt moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for dismissal of the pupil from the school.

  • Students should not disfigure the walls and properties of the school.

  • Playing inside the class room is forbidden.

  • All the students should be particularly careful, not litter the class rooms or school premise with paper, food articles etc. They should use the dustbins specially provided for the purpose.

  • During the absence of the teacher the class monitor is responsible to keep the order and idscipline of the class.

  • The class monitor should inform the office if the teacher has not come to the class within 3 minutes after the bell for the beginning of the class.

  • The school is equipped with Science Lab and Computer Lab. Entrance to the Laboratories are restricted to the students unless the lab assisstant is present.

  • The Schhol has a well stocked library. It caters to the needs and interests of the children of all ages. The students should maintained well discipline and silence in library. Readers are responsible for thw books issued in the names. Books lost, damaged or not returned when called for must be paid by the concerned students.

Rules and Regulations
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