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Aims and Objectives
Aim :
The aim of establishment of this school is to provide quality and holistic education to the children of Assam Rifles personal and local people of Zunheboto town in supportive and safe environment.
Motto :
The motto of the school is “Come to learn and Go to Serve”
Objectives :
  • To make the students aware of the world around them, sensitize them to the environment & help them to make a responsible citizen of the country

  • To provide education that is learner centered, based on the Indian value system & incorporating modern knowledge systems.

  • To provide an environment that will enable children to develop to their full potential & to become self-confident, self-dependent & honest individuals.

  • Develop competence for effective participation in day-to-day situations.

  • Develop basic mental abilities & skills.

  • Help in physical growth and proficiency in games.

  • Prepare citizens who will be able to work for preservation of Environment.

  • Produce citizens who shell work to strengthen unit of the country.

  • Sensitize students for older and weaker people in the society to develop the feeling of charity among them.

  • Acquire economic understanding and efficiency in the management of expenditure.

  • Help in all-round growth of the child to enable him deal with day to day situation.

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