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The school follows the NCERT curriculum for class I to X.

Co-Curricular Activities.

In the school, sports and games also form an integral part of education. These activities are the medium through which principles of co-operation, team building, leadership skills and the dormant creative potential of each child is activated and full development of the personality of student is made possible.

The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities that the children can be involved in during the year. At ARPS, we recognize that being creative is an integral part of children’s emotional, mental and social well being. On a weekly basis our school organizes co-curricular activities. Specific periods are allotted for the same. Co-curricular activities are organised as per the school academic calendar.

Beyond the Curriculum

With a vision to ensure development of children in all facets of life, the school provides an opportunity to the children to develop various skills by participating in a variety of co-curricular activities planned throughout the academic year. These co-curricular activities provide stimulation to the body & mind of the students. Students are given opportunity to identify their field of interest & to excel in any of the following categories:-

            (a) Art 

            (b) Games/Sports/Yoga

            (c) Painting/Drawing

            (d) Music/Dance


The school follows the house system to inculcate a spirit of healthy competition, co-operation to develop leadership qualities among the students. The four houses are an under:-

            (a) Gandhi House (Yellow)

            (b) Subhash House (Green)

            (c) Nehru House (Blue)

            (d) Tagore House (Red)

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