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Guidelines for Parents

1.  The first page of the school diary must be dully filled giving all the necessary information. Any changes during the course of the year must be intimated immediately

2.  It is mandatory for parents to go through the child's school diary everyday. Any observations/remarks written by the teacher in the diary should be properly acknowledge with your signatures and attention too.

3.  All communication with the class teachers and subject teachers should be through the chils'd diary. No verval messages through the child will be entertained.

4.  Assessment should be signed by the parents as and when the notebooks/worksheets are sent to home.

5.  All notebook must be seen/checked so that you are aware of the daily performance and progress of your child in the class.

6.  Follow up correction work, written and oral assessments must be taken/done seriously and supervised at home also.

7.  Please see that your child carries text/excercise books according to the time table for the day. No extra books should be carried.

8.  You can meet the class teacher only by the prior appoinment taken through the child's diary.

9.  In case you recieve a note from the class teacher/subject teacher requesting you to see her/him in connection with the performance of your child, please be prompt in your response.

10.  Please encourage your child to participate in the moring assembly programme, inter house, inter school competitions and other co-curricular activities.

11.  Make a study time table for your child and see that he/she works at it at least two hours daily. 

Guidelines for Parents
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