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From Principal's Desk
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Mr. Amrendra Kumar

               Children have their unique ways to teach us what life is all about with their innocence and thoughtfulness. Education provides them with enlightenment and holistic growth so that they use their uniqueness to create a difference. In a tech-savvy, uncertain world, instead of letting them lost in the competition, we must teach them to act with empathy, care and concern towards their fellow beings. This is only possible when they are exposed to a value oriented educational atmosphere, where they are able to witness their elders, parents and teachers engaging in humanitarian activities that nourish their souls and leave a legacy of kindness and benevolence. Education does not merely consist of reading and learning several theories, it must be a reflection of moral lessons a child will be capable of using in his real life. Education provides meaning and perspectives to the child’s lives, so that they become the torchbearers of the society.

                 Assam Rifles Public School, Zunheboto with the motto ‘Come to Learn, Go to Serve’ offers myriad opportunities for your child to grow and learn in a value centered, positive atmosphere where they can develop their skills and talents. And we facilitate our students with knowledgeable teachers who enable them to grow as independent and confident individuals. Our faculties, staff and overall the management takes special care to ensure that our students can focus on their goals with the right attitude and in the right spirit.

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